Grupo Príncipe de Viana R+D project Climavin

Grupo Príncipe de Viana R+D project Climavin


Murchante, Spain, March 4th, 2016. In their quest against climate change with the CLIMAVIN project, Grupo Príncipe de Viana have achieved the optimization of the production processes with a reduction of 25%-35% water consumption and 20%-30% power conservation, as compared to conventional viticulture. In addition, the group have increased the production of specific amino acids responsible for the aromas and flavours in the wines, thus influencing their quality.

The main objective of the project was to take a step further towards sustainable wine production while improving the final product quality.

CLIMAVIN, co-funded by the EEAGrants programme, lasted 18 months and ended last December 31st, 2015 with a budget of 726,825€. A further collaborator in this project was WORLD WINES AS (part of Norwegian Beverage Group), a partner company of Norwegian origin which has worked with Grupo Príncipe de Viana in defining the needs and the validation of the product.

CLIMAVIN’s main achievement has been the adaptation of the vineyard to climate change by optimizing resources. To attain this, Grupo Príncipe de Viana was equipped with new monitoring and diagnosis technology, at both viticultural and winemaking levels, drawing on experience and some of the technologies used in previous projects carried out by the group. These technologies enabled them to manage the whole process and to develop sustainability strategies that have improved efficiency in the use of water, nutritional and energy resources.

Grupo Príncipe de Viana will continue working in these areas, for many years of dedication are necessary to keep obtaining results. Grupo Príncipe de Viana has developed many projects before which have shown that, in order to further improve sustainability of the production processes, objective measuring of what happens in each of the phases of the vineyard is absolutely necessary. To this purpose, the support of science and technology is a true asset.

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