About us

We want to be part of your life

Our objetive

We work every day with the clear goal of producing wines that speak about our vineyards and are ambassadors for our land in your glass. In order to achieve this, we pamper our vineyards, taking special care of the environment

We strive to surprise you with new and innovative offers. Listening to you is paramount for us, and we will always try to be with you, wherever you are.


Research and development (R+D) is one of the fundamental pillars for constant improvement in farming techniques. It results in a sustainable development and uninterrupted improvement of the management and quality of the vineyard, besides being one of Príncipe de Viana’s differentiating factors.


Much more than wine

We are convinced that our contribution to society must be much more than just winemaking. Therefore, we cooperate with social projects in the hope of contributing towards a better, fairer society.

Specifically, we have participated in activities with organizations such as Saray and their fight against breast cancer, Oxfam or Solera, and will continue to do so in the future. We also especially care for the environment, not only to guarantee the preservation of our vineyards, but also to preserve our planet for future generations.


The story of our winery is marked by the history of our land, Navarra, and Carlos de Evreux, first Prince of Viana, an aristocratic title which has been held since 1423 by the heirs to the throne of Navarre, and Spain thereafter.

Bodegas Príncipe de Viana was born with an entrepreneurial spirit just over 30 years ago and today we are leaders in research, innovation and customer orientation, and a symbol for tradition, continuity and renewal.

Príncipe de Viana